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Interested to Sell your Property/Land?


  • To support you in your endeavor to sell your property, we are committed to:

    • Conduct an appraisal free of charge and determination of the fair market value of your property
    • Provide serious and personalized attention by a professional agent
    • Guarantee a wide and directed dissemination of your property listing:
    • Access to a dynamic network of agents and partners whilst interacting with only one agent

  • • Placement of the listing on the principle real estate websites in Swiss and abroad.
    • Conduct a targeted mailing to our client database which is continually updated.
    • Advertise your property in the local and international real estate press.
    • Conduct an analysis of the financial position of the purchaser.

  • • Assist in organizing the contractual, administrative and financial formalities.
    • Provide support throughout the negotiations with the notary for the Act of Sale.
    • No listing fees are charged.
    • Help identity cosmetic updates to improve the saleability of your property.

In addition we can undertake the promotion of your land for new real estate development projects.

Interested in letting your property?


  • We offer you support throughout the rental process from:

    • Finding a suitable renter and arranging the guarantee.
    • Ensuring the solvency and working / living permits of your future tenants.
    • Conducting the pre-entrance inspection.

  • • Transfer of keys.
    • Gestion of rent.
    • Annual taxes attestation and copy of the interventions